Cities must lead the nation toward inclusive prosperity. As epicenters of diversity, innovation, and economic growth, cities are where opportunity is clustering and the future of the American economy is being built. For cities and the nation to thrive, cities need to embrace equity — just and fair inclusion — as their core operating principle and implement bold strategies to achieve racial inclusion and equitable growth.

The All-In Cities initiative at PolicyLink assists local leaders who are ready to take up this challenge. Forging new models of equitable growth and development requires transforming policies and systems that have long perpetuated racial inequities and uneven growth. Too many low-income people, especially people of color, who lived in cities through their long decline still struggle to get by in neighborhoods that put their health and livelihoods at risk, or face displacement as their rents rise and their wages stagnate.

It doesn’t need to be this way. With the right set of policy solutions and partnerships, and a laser focus on achieving measurable results, cities can deliver greater economic opportunity and security to their low-wealth residents, creating stronger, more vibrant cities.

The All-In Cities initiative and underlying policy framework are designed to equip city officials, community advocates, and civic leaders with policy ideas, data, and strategy support to build equitable, thriving cities for all.

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