Through the All-In Cities initiative, PolicyLink accelerates the work of government leaders and community advocates to advance racial economic inclusion and equitable growth. The initiative provides policy research, data, capacity-building, and technical assistance to local governments and community coalitions as they develop and implement policy solutions to create stronger cities for all.


After decades of decline — losing residents, jobs, and investment to the suburbs — cities have been lauded as a comeback story, captivating young people and innovation-economy companies with their diversity, density, and social opportunities. In 2015, PolicyLink launched the All-In Cities initiative asking the key question: for whom are cities coming back?

Too many low-income people, especially people of color, who lived in cities through their long decline still struggle to get by in neighborhoods that put their health and livelihoods at risk, or face displacement altogether as their rents rise and their wages stagnate.

As America undergoes a profound demographic shift amidst rising inequality, persistent racial inequities, and an economy being transformed by technology, equity — just and fair inclusion — is a moral imperative, a potent antidote to inequality, and the path to an inclusive new economy.

The All-In Cities Initiative believes that with the right set of policy solutions and partnerships, and a laser focus on achieving measurable results, cities can deliver greater economic opportunity and security to their low-wealth residents, creating stronger, more vibrant cities for all.


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