All-In Cities Policy Toolkit

By putting equity at the center of municipal policies, American cities can help create a future of shared prosperity in which all can participate and thrive. The All-In Cities Toolkit offers actionable strategies that advocates and policymakers can use to advance racial equity. Select a policy area below to view key strategies and policy tools. Each tool contains information on important policy considerations, who can implement it, and examples of where it is working. See a list of all tools here.

Recently added tools: Apprenticeships, Paid sick leave, Paid family leave

Policy areas

School-Community Partnerships

Provide comprehensive supports and integrated services to help public school students and their families succeed.

Tenant/Community Opportunity to Purchase

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Target Resources

Direct public investments and resources toward building opportunity in high-need, distressed communities.

Resilient Infrastructure

Build infrastructure that increases health, livability, mobility, opportunity, and resilience for vulnerable communities.

Remove Barriers

Dismantle barriers to employment and services for the formerly incarcerated and other disadvantaged workers.

Raise the Floor

Transform low-wage jobs into good jobs by setting high standards for job quality.

Public Safety

Ensure safe and just policing practices and increase accountability.

Protect Tenants

Secure vulnerable renters and prevent displacement through services, legal protections, and rent stabilization policies.

Equitable Economic Development

Direct strategies to grow high-road, inclusive businesses and good jobs for workers without college degrees.

End Mass Criminalization

Stop overpolicing and racial profiling and reform municipal courts.

Civic Participation

Ensure all residents are protected from discrimination, have access to services, and can engage in city affairs.

Career Pathways

Implement workforce strategies that connect un- and underemployed workers to good jobs and careers in growing industries.

Excellent Public Education

Provide high-quality education for low-income children from preschool through career and prevent school pushout.

Health Equity

Ensure all neighborhoods provide access to healthy food, high-quality parks, clean air, and other elements of a healthy built environment.

Opportunity Housing

Ensure public policies and investments foster healthy, economically-integrated neighborhoods.

Increase Job Access

Increase access to good jobs through local, targeted, and fair hiring.

Increase Affordability

Expand and preserve affordability through zoning, incentives, and development.

Inclusive Contracting

Leverage purchasing power to help entrepreneurs of color and triple-bottom-line businesses grow and create more good jobs.

Build Assets

Prevent wealth stripping and support financial security and asset building.

Key strategies

Policy tools