Creating impact at scale

Each city in the network is committed to putting policies and systems in place that will lead to positive changes in at least one of these indicators over the next two to five years:

  • Increased number of low-income people and people of color who are in long-term affordable homes.
  • Increase in business and home ownership by people of color.
  • Increased political participation of people from communities impacted by displacement, including increasing public resources for impacted communities to build power and increase impact in decision-making and political spheres.
  • Reduction in evictions and foreclosures.
  • Reduction in people who are unhoused.
  • Reduction in displacement of local businesses owned by people of color.
  • Reduction in cultural displacement.
  • Reduction in housing-cost burdens, particularly for women, people of color, Indigenous women, marginalized LGBTQ people, and women of color who are most burdened.