Network activities

Creating impact at scale will require strong leadership and expanded capacity to understand the challenges and implement the right solutions. The network has six objectives to help accomplish this:

  1. Increase member knowledge, skills, and relationships to advance anti-displacement policies.
  2. Develop effective anti-displacement policy roadmaps and the internal infrastructure to implement in a manner accountable to impacted communities.
  3. Increase capacity to measure indicators using data and research.
  4. Increase public awareness and support of the housing crisis and solutions.
  5. Increase the political voice and power of impacted communities in decision-making.
  6. Contribute policy and thought leadership to build momentum at the state and national level to address displacement.

To accomplish these objectives, the city teams will assess their existing policy landscape and create a comprehensive action plan; join monthly learning labs to share their accomplishments and challenges, and participate in working groups to build solutions in five key anti-displacement policy areas:

  1. Affordable housing preservation
  2. Business and cultural stabilization
  3. Community ownership
  4. Equitable development
  5. Tenant protection