Buffalo, NY

With millions in public and private investments on the horizon, the city of Buffalo is poised for resurgence. But if new investments do not address persistent racial and economic inequities from educational opportunity to transit access and housing burdens, the city’s long-term economic future will be at risk. To build a Buffalo economy that works for all, city and regional leaders must commit to putting all residents on the path to economic security through protections and policies that enable existing residents to remain in the city, connect to jobs and opportunities, and benefit from new development.

We have partnered with Open Buffalo, a community coalition focused on justice and equity, to increase health equity and equitable development citywide. Open Buffalo has been working to pass an inclusionary zoning policy and launch a community land trust in the historic Fruit Belt neighborhood.

See our report, Health Equity: The Path to Inclusive Prosperity in Buffalo and accompanying data profile, Advancing Health Equity and Inclusive Growth in Buffalo.